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Danbury Couple in Aircraft Which Crashed

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection has announced that they have called off their search for the rest of an aircraft which crashed into the Titicus Reservoir in North Salem, New York.

The aircraft crashed on November 19 when it was on its way to Danbury Municipal Airport. It is still not clear what caused the accident, although it was raining at the time.

The search team has now discovered most of the plane wreckage as well as human remains.

The Westchester Medical Examiner’s Office has not yet formally identified the victims but they are presumed to be Val Horsa and his wife Taew Horsa who owned Bangkok Restaurant, a popular Thai eatery on Newtown Road in Danbury.

Val Horsa was an experienced pilot and on this occasion they were on their way back from Mississippi in a 1971 Beechcraft Bonanza. The plane was on a landing approach to Danbury Airport when radar contact was lost.

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