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A Female Driver Should Take Precautions

All drivers need to be vigilant on the roads but sadly a female driver should take precautions simply because she is a woman.

Should you notice a vehicle following you closely try taking a few turns into different roads, making sure you know exactly where you are, in case you need to contact the police. Should the other vehicle stick with you be suspicious that something isn’t right. Drive to the nearest police station or if that isn’t possible drive to a gas station, or some other well-lit populated area and use your mobile or other phone to call for help.

Ensure that your car is well serviced and maintained so you don’t put yourself in the situation of breaking down making you more vulnerable. If you can learn how to change a tire or change a wiper blade these will all empower you to get yourself out of trouble quickly. Most vehicles can be driven some distance on a flat fire, so check your vehicle manual for guidelines and don’t automatically assume you have to stay in a dark unsafe place with a flat; it may be perfectly safe to drive slowly to the next gas station or convenience store.

Make sure your cell phone is fully charged and if you don’t have a car charger invest in one.

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