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What to keep in the trunk in the car

Some people have a totally empty trunk in their car while others have it stuffed full of all sorts of things.

However there are certain items you should keep in your trunk which will help to keep you safe while motoring.

The first thing is an emergency safety kit which you can buy already put together, or you can take a plastic box and put one together yourself. It should contain things like a flashlight, jumper cables, and other essential items for the vehicle such as an emergency battery booster.

You must have a spare tire which is in good condition and properly inflated along with a tire iron and a tire jack. It is also worth have a tire inflator and sealer, so that if you do have a flat this will save you having to change the tire yourself and give you enough time to get to an auto shop. Make sure you also have a tire pressure gauge, just to ensure that you check the pressure regularly.

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